How to Survive Your High School Reunion Without Killing Your Classmates

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I am certain you have the typical pre-reunion questions and jitters. What will I wear? Who will be there? But, in all honesty, what we all want is to be able to go to a reunion, just once, looking better than we’ve ever looked and feeling better than we’ve ever felt. We secretly want to be the envy of everyone at the event, especially if we considered ourselves to be somewhat of an “ugly duckling” in high school. Not only that, but we want to have super-heroic levels of self-confidence which make us able to withstand even the most obnoxious of classmates. This is not a multiple choice endeavor. It is, most certainly, all or nothing. The trifecta of high school reunion attendance strategy: Look great. Feel great. Ooze with self-confidence.

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