In the beginning, Reunion Basics

Who thinks of class reunions as being an industry? We certainly didn’t, well… not until 9 years ago: In 2010 we were approached by a customer needing 100 key chains for a class reunion in Louisiana.  At the time, we were solely in the corporate, large volume promotional product business where an inquiry for anything less than 1000 units would have normally been ignored. But, something about this customer’s request intrigued us all. Following months of research and reaching out to class reunion planning committees nationwide we realized that as a tiny fraction of the event planning business, class reunions, homecoming celebrations and like alumni gatherings have been largely ignored by marketers and product developers. The consequence of this neglect led to a trio of unfortunates. Firstly, because of minimum order requirements on promotional items, would-be planners were left with few options. Secondly, the few available options were largely overpriced for a budgeting planner. And thirdly, there wasn’t a single “one-stop-shopping” vendor online catering to a reunion planners specific need, which we’ve defined as:

  1. the need to make the reunion look effortlessly planned on a small budget
  2. the need for personalized reunion supply including class reunion bannersname tagsgifts and favors, etc.
  3. the need of procedural advice ranging from what to do about guest name tags to gift selection for 50th class reunions

We launched Reunion Basics™ knowing that this wasn’t going to be blockbuster business, but that it would be a business close to home since a few of us here are class officers and former cheerleaders with a strong connection to our local communities. So, we pretty much developed reunion products and services that we ourselves would utilize with the hopes of attracting a larger audience.  This philosophy has paid off and we are proud to have supplied over 1000 high school and universities nationwide.

Next, Family Reunion Hut

You want the true story? Well… we sort of stumbled upon family reunions by accident, and here’s how:  Six-months after launching, we noticed an undeniable trend: Family reunion planners nationwide were more interested, if not more so, in buying our products than class reunion planners. That year we serviced family reunion planners via our class reunion website; however, the following year, in 2011, we launched The Family Reunion Hut™ and business has been roaring ever since.

We take pride in doing things a little bit different. By “things” we mean our approach to product design, development and even packaging. As a family event planner, we understand your frustration at wanting a product but can’t because you’ll have to buy a truck load in order to get a fair price. That’s just wrong and we were determined to change things!



In 2017, we decided to continue working hard, but a tad bit smarter!  🙂

We are now offering Class Reunion and Family Reunion products on one site.

As you are aware, internet technology is constantly evolving and changing, security features are updated on a daily basis!  We decided it just wasn’t smart to maintain two websites, which offer the same products.  Our team is small, yet mighty; we are now able to use our resources to focus on delivering the best customer service and products!

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