Return Policy

If you decide to reject the order upon receipt, you must return all products in there original package, undisturbed and in tack within 2 days, at your expense, in order to apply for refund. Partial returns are NOT accepted. If a damaged item is received with critical damage, i.e. cannot be used at all, a replacement will be shipped immediately at no cost. If an item is damaged, but can still be used, e.g. chipped, scratched, discounts will be considered on a case by case basis, the value of which is not to exceed 1% of total invoice per claim. If a wrong item is shipped and there is sufficient lead time for reproduction the correct item will be shipped immediately. If time does not allow for reproduction no payment is expected on the wrongly shipped item and the total value of which shall be deducted from the invoice. Wrong item is defined as the wrong product, e.g. Key chains instead of pens. Wrong item is not defined as black key chains instead of red key chains.

In the case of the latter, a discount can be applied to the product in question of which shall be deducted from total invoice. In short, we do not accept returns for wrong color, wrong size, or any other subjective variance. We do not guarantee accuracy of color, tone or shade based on web images, as monitor settings may vary. We guarantee accuracy of Pantone Colors 95%. We considered a product to be “delivered” at shipment. Late or delayed shipment is not grounds for refund or return; we encourage you the reunion planner to order one month (30 Days) of reunion date to minimize risk of late or delayed deliveries.  Reunion Hut™ holds absolutely no responsibility for late or delayed deliveries; this includes deliveries which miss the reunion date. You the reunion planner is advised to plan ahead. If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us prior to purchasing.

Damage Policy

Upon delivery you will need to count and inspect the exterior of the packages. Any damaged or missing cartons must be noted in writing on the delivery receipt. Do not refuse delivery of the entire shipment if damage is minimal or some items do not have visible damage. Replacement parts for damaged items will be shipped at no cost to you. You must open and inspect the contents of all cartons within 24 hours. If any concealed damage is discovered, it must be reported to the freight company within 2 days from the date of delivery. If concealed damage is not reported within 2 days, we can not be responsible for the cost of replacements. Damaged items that have been properly documented and reported will be replaced at no cost to you. You cannot choose to return a damaged product and decline replacement for 100% refund as we do not accept partial returns- see Return Policy. Please hold onto the damaged items until it is determined if we will need to have them returned. If you have any questions concerning our damage policy, please contact us prior to purchasing.

If you have any questions regarding this return and damage  policy, please Contact Us.

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