The following are three examples of customers that love what we do!

Kathy contacted Reunion Basics ™ about 2 months before her reunion. She needed a banner. We remember Kathy so vividly because Kathy and her planning committee could not make up their minds on the banner design. Committee Voting- ahhh! We did no less than 20 different designs for Kathy without asking for additional design fees. No regrets there because we eventually got it right!!!! So—Kathy purchased our largest banner 3ft x 8ft which when purchased came with a free 2ft x 6ft banner. Oh no! Yeap… this meant we had to design a 2nd banner for Kathy. Thankfully Kathy and crew at this point knew what design direction to lead us towards, and the 2nd banner was designed perfectly the first go around. Kathy’s 40th Class Reunion celebration, which consisted of a homecoming parade and tailgate party, and according to Kathy’s own admission had, “classic rock music from the 60s and 70s blaring from the speakers on our float…” went off without a glitch.

What impressed us most about Racquel, coordinator of her 10th class reunion and owner of an event planning company, was how she turned a run-of-the-mill item like button badges into a work of art! Her class spared no expense when planning their first class reunion. Classmates were greeted by three female torsos wrapped in black silk which were tastefully garnished by our class reunion badge buttons. Who said badge buttons were out of fashion?

Looking back, we probably did not make any money off Cicely; however she was a fantastic organizer, negotiator… overall a tough yet incredible young woman to have worked with. She wanted banners, she wanted key rings, she wanted awards, and she wanted reunion favors with the only problem being that her class had a very small budget to work with. After a bit of wheeling and dealing we agreed on a price and she got everything she wanted for less than $150.00 PLUS she some how managed to talk us into designing a sponsorship awards for a key sponsor of their reunion.

Silver Lining: Cicely’s mom, Mrs. Harris, contacted Reunion Basics™ 1 month following her daughter’s class reunion. She ordered over $600 in class reunion products from Reunion Basics for her 40th Class Reunion!

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